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Microadventure in the nearby alps

It has been hot for the complete week and now the weather forecast promised a rainy weekend. Both not the best conditions for a hiking trip with my dog Napoli. So I hoped to get a chance for the last dry period by starting friday evening already.

As I felt in love with camping wild the weekend before, I wanted to do this again. The plan was to take the tent and stuff up in the biketrailer, stay over night outside and continue for the peak the next day. As my dog would have to run himself this time, I planed more time for the descent by bike as usual.


It was quiet and peaceful when we started our trip pretty late. We didn’t meet anyone, the hot day was a bit less crucial now. Due to the long dry period, the forestal path was dusty and my tires slipped a few times. The trailer, that had more than 20 kg of weight in total, was very good to tear but did a bit encourage the slippy conditions.

Although we saw some deer around that became active now, Napoli kept to my commands and stayed with me. Great dog!
When darkness came across the land, I decided for a place a few steps in the wood to put a the tent. We hadn’t come as far as I had planned. But who cares. This was not an expedition but a little microadventure.

Tent, sleeping bag, thermarest, cooking dishes, liters of water, clothes, two heavy bike locks and some more stuff had found its place in the voluminous bag of my Aevon Uno bike trailer .  When I lifted it into the car, I had been shocked for a while and asked myself, if I hadn’t overdone a bit.


I slept like a baby on soft ground in the well ventilated tent  and couldn’t get up in the morning. It was again a sunny day! What a luck we had. After a breakfast in the warm sun Napoli and I continued our trip.

I already knew the ascent and that I would have to push my bike for a while. And so it was. It was again a warm day, but on top of that it was very exhausting! My shoes slipped on the fine gravel when I pressed the bike with my complete body. The only good was, that the trailer does not obstruct in any way as bike panniers do. Also a two-wheel trailer is more obstructive because you always hit him into your ankle.


I wouldn’t have competed on the bike years ago when I did hate some strain. And so we finally arrived on a saddle where I hooked up the bike and hiked to the peak.

DSCF7419 bearbeitet

Rolling down again on the bike, I felt sorry for Napoli who had to run himself. On all our bike&hike trips I have him in a dogtrailer and we whoosh down the hill. But this time he trotted alongside the bike and I adapted my speed to his. And that was slow!
But quick enough that we arrived at the car just when it started to rain. What an adventure!

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