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These are our social media channels.

Always grabbing vor news on fairs like EuroBike Show.

My promise as brand ambassador

  • I only test products, that I generally find positive – and that I do with a lot of enthusiasm
  • Products I do not like, I try to obtain NOT through the producer – that way I feel comfortable to criticise them
  • With a lot of effort I generate fotos und videos – always aiming for improvement
  • I post in Instagram, Facebook, FB groups und Biker Communities, participate in discussions and try to answer questions
  • Feedback is important and I try to be quick and solid
  • Cooperating producers can count on me with ideas for product improvement, with help for translations or fairs or any other issues I can help with – in return I would like to be rewarded fair

25 Youtube videos // 142 real followers (internat.) // up to 10.000 clicks // viewer retention more than 50% // mostly via google or YouTube search //

Homepage // an example for 30 days in sept/oct. 2019 // 486 visitors // 1320 sideviews // springtime and summer usually are top times //

Facebook // 204 real subscribers (dt.) // online since dec. 2018 // up to 500 organic reach // up to 100 interactions //

Instagram Napoli.unterwegs // 168 real subscribers // online since july 2018 // 248 posts //

In general it is difficult to bond with people for a long time. They grab the information they need for a purchase decision and then they are off. It is the same with the training of the dog. Once they were successful, I do not hear from them any more. Up to that status I very thoroughly comment on emails and posts.

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